Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Condition

  • 15% Admin charge will be levied from all the bonuses and allowances.
  • The Promotional allowances will be calculated from 1st Day of the month to last day of the month.
  • Promotional Allowances will start from the day you purchase a Tour Gift Coupon, and will be transferred to your bank account on 15th to 20th day of next month.
  • Keep your Banking Details updated on your account on our website.
  • Company can inform you about its updates and offers on your registered email and/or registered mobile phone number.
  • Rs 8500 is the prise of the tour gift coupon, and you have purchased a Tour Gift Coupon and is not refundable nor transferable.
  • All the bonuses and allowances you get, with a purchase of a Tour Gift Coupon are complimentary and depended upon Company’s profit and market conditions.
  • The “Apex Enterprise” company will not be responsible for the products and services advertised by the advertiser.
  • We do not offer any investment scheme.
  • All Rights are reserved by the company to make any changes to its products or scheme without prior notice.
  • All Rights are reserved by the company to make any changes to its terms and conditions without prior notice all the consumers or the buyers will abide by the changes imposed by the company.
  • Surat Jurisdiction only.
  • Any dispute with the Company will be resolved by arbitration before legal proceeding.
  • Purchasing a Tour Gift Coupon does not make you entitled to get share from Company’s movable or immovable properties or income.
  • Allowances and Bonuses are determined based on the company's estimated profit or income, which is subject to change.

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